Insights from the evaluation of past local area population forecasts

This paper evaluates the forecast accuracy of past local area population forecasts and proposes ways in which past error distributions can be used to quantify the uncertainty of current forecasts.

The Impacts of Policy Change on Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The Implementation of the 485 Graduate Visa Scheme

This paper investigates the human capital implications of a policy change resulting from the introduction of the 485 graduate visa in Australia in 2007.

Spatial Mobility Patterns of Overseas Graduates in Australia

This chapter explores the spatial patterns of overseas graduates in Australia between six and eighteen months after graduation.

Differences in attitudes towards immigration between Australia and Germany. The role of immigration policy

This paper investigates the connection between national immigration policy and a society’s attitudes towards immigration.

Improving Subnational Population Forecasts

The project aims to establish the start and pace of the migration decline in 18 European countries.