Internal Migration

R Package CIM Compositional Impact of Migration

This R package produces summary statistical indicators of the impact of migration on the socio-demographic composition of an area.

Establishing the extent and pace of the contemporary trend of migration decline in Europe

This article presents some of the key findings of a Regional Studies Association funded project on internal migration in Europe (“Understanding the declining trend in internal migration in Europe”).

How is internal migration reshaping metropolitan populations in Latin America? A new method and new evidence

We propose a method to quantify the internal migration impacts on local population structures, and estimate these impacts for eight large Latin American cities.

¿Contribuye la migración interna a reducir la segregación residencial? El caso de Santiago de Chile 1977-2002

We estimate the impact of internal migration on residential segregation in Santiago.

The Changing Impacts of Internal Migration on Residential Socio-Economic Segregation in the Greater Santiago

This paper aims to determine and assess the impacts of internal migration on residential educational segregation in the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Area.

Measuring the Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution in Europe

This paper compares the impact of internal migration on patterns of human settlement across 30 European countries.

Comparing internal migration across the countries of Latin America. A multidimensional approach

We use recently developed measures of internal migration that are scale-independent to compare the overall intensity, age composition, spatial impact, and distance profile of internal migration in 19 Latin American countries.

Understanding the declining trend in internal migration in Europe

The project aims to establish the start and pace of the migration decline in 18 European countries.