Regional Development

Labour market outcomes and main educational and occupational pathways of young Victorians

This report identifies the key educational and occupational pathways of young people during the transition from school to work.

Patterns and sequences of mobility

This report seeks to examine the migration patterns of young adults in Victoria, Australia.

Analytical approach and data issues

This report identifies the key data challenges to study the educational and occupational trajectories of young people in Australia and proposes solutions.

Mobility Patterns of Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The role of a ‘new’ graduate visa scheme and rural development policy

This paper investigates the spatial dynamics of overseas human capital in Australia and their relation to the new visa scheme in combination with shifts in rural development policies.

The geography and determinants of regional human capital in eight Latin American and Caribbean countries

This paper investigates the evolution of the national stock and spatial distribution of human capital and explores the factors that influence a region’s share of human capital.