Mapping The Impact of Internal Migration Across Europe

Net Internal Migration Rate Across Europe At the end of last year, we published a paper assessing the impact of internal migration on redistributing population within European countries. Specifically we assessed the impact of internal migration on promoting population concentration or deconcentration. Below is a thread I posted on Twitter summarising key aspects of the paper. The paper is open access - see reference at the end of this post.

Introducing the R Package CIM

R Markdown This post introduces our recently published R package, CIM, to measure the impacts of migration on local population structures. We developed the methodology in this paper in 2018. This paper is one of the top ten most viewed articles in Population Studies Installing install.packages("CIM") library(CIM) This package enables quantifying the impact of internal migration on age, gender, educational population structures and inequality. Example Here I provide a short example of how this can be used to measure the impact of internal migration on residential age segregation in the Greater London Metropolitan Area, England, drawing on one-year migration data by age bands (i.