Data Innovation in Demography, Migration and Human Mobility

Back in February, the European Commission Joint Research Centre published a report on data innovation applications in demography, migration and human mobility. This report is a very welcome contribution summarising all the relevant case applications in the field of migration and human mobility.

Fitting Logistic Regression with Aggregate Data in R

I often get asked: can I use a logistic regression on aggregate data? We generally associate logistic regressions to individual-level or micro data encoding attributes into a binary category, such as moving 1 or not 0.

Modelling Count Data in R: A Multilevel Framework

A Quick Practical Guide One of my research areas of interest revolves around understanding human mobility and migration flows. Key attributes of flow data are that they are counts and a right-skewed, overdispesed and often zero-inflated distribution.

Mapping The Impact of Internal Migration Across Europe

Net Internal Migration Rate Across Europe At the end of last year, we published a paper assessing the impact of internal migration on redistributing population within European countries. Specifically we assessed the impact of internal migration on promoting population concentration or deconcentration.

Introducing the R Package CIM

R Markdown This post introduces our recently published R package, CIM, to measure the impacts of migration on local population structures. We developed the methodology in this paper in 2018.