Using large scale social media data to measure perceptions towards immigration

This project aims to develop analytical methods to monitor public opinions towards immigration using Twitter data and machine learning.

Using Machine Learning to Estimate Global Bilateral Migration Flows

This project aims to generate annual country-to-country migration estimates across the world.

COVID19 Generating actionable evidence for containing misinformation to prevent discrimination

The project aims to generate fundamental and timely evidence for how misinformation and fake news spreads across media platforms.

Sensing global patterns and trajectories of socio-economic inequality

This project aims to measure and analyse the evolution of spatial inequality across the world using remote sensing.

Understanding and Predicting the Long-term Labour Market and Migration Trajectories of Immigrants and Their Children in the United Kingdom

This project aims to investigate how the educational and employment trajectories of immigrants and their children in the UK evolve and interact; and, how factors related to their residential environment, early life context and critical life transitions shape these trajectories between 1991-2017.

Using satellite imagery to measure the evolution of cities

The project aims to develop and employ analytical approaches to measure the evolution of cities using machine learning and satellite imagery.

Understanding the declining trend in internal migration in Europe

The project aims to establish the start and pace of the migration decline in 18 European countries.