Mapping The Spatial Patterns of Internal Migration in Europe

We created a flow map of internal migration flows within 38 European countries using the most recent data available.

Fueling Research Transparency Computational Notebooks and the Discussion Section

This article introduces two new types of publication that further accommodate transparent research in Regional Science, The Discussion …

Neighbourhood change and trajectories of inequality in Britain, 1971-2011

This article offers evidence on the evolution of spatial inequalities in Britain over a 40-year period from 1971 to 2011.

The drivers of long-distance commuting in Chile. The role of spatial distribution of economic activities

This paper examines how the large-scale contextual changes has shaped long-distance commuting in Chile.

The occupational trajectories and outcomes of forced migrants in Sweden. Entrepreneurship, employment or persistent inactivity?

We examine the career pathways of forced migrants using sequence analysis from their arrival in 1991 through to 2013.

The changing composition and fortunes of overseas graduates in Australia. The case of Chinese and Indian graduates

This paper explores the composition and labour market outcomes of overseas graduates who remained in Australia after graduation with a …

A Scalable Analytical Framework for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Neighborhood Change A Sequence Analysis Approach

This paper uses gridded cell Census data for Great Britain from 1971 to 2011 with 10-year intervals, creating neighborhood typologies …

A Hierarchical Urban Forest Index Using Street-Level Imagery and Deep Learning

We develop a method based on computer vision and a hierarchical multilevel model to derive an Urban Street Tree Vegetation Index which …

Social determinants of multimorbidity and multiple functional limitations among the ageing population of England, 2002–2015

This study explores longitudinal relationships between material, psycho-social and behavioural social determinants of health and …

R Package CIM Compositional Impact of Migration

This R package produces summary statistical indicators of the impact of migration on the socio-demographic composition of an area.

Efectos cambiantes de la migración sobre el crecimiento, la estructura demográfica y la segregación residencial en ciudades grandes. El caso de Santiago, Chile, 1977-2017

En este texto se usa el caso del area metropolitana del Gran Santiago (AMGS), capital de Chile, para evaluar empíricamente el efecto de …

Neighbourhood change and trajectories of inequality in Britain, 1971-2011

This briefing determines the extent, sequence, pace and spatial pattern of neighbourhood change in Britain over a 40-year period from …

Establishing the extent and pace of the contemporary trend of migration decline in Europe

This article presents some of the key findings of a Regional Studies Association funded project on internal migration in Europe …

How is internal migration reshaping metropolitan populations in Latin America? A new method and new evidence

We propose a method to quantify the internal migration impacts on local population structures, and estimate these impacts for eight …

Insights from the evaluation of past local area population forecasts

This paper evaluates the forecast accuracy of past local area population forecasts and proposes ways in which past error distributions …

To travel or not to travel. ‘Weather’ is the question. Modelling the effect of local weather conditions on bus ridership

This paper redresses this gap by modelling the effect that local weather conditions exert on hourly bus ridership in sub-tropical …

The role of migration on education-job mismatch. Evidence from overseas graduates in Australia

This chapter examines the role of internal migration in lowering the likelihood of overseas graduates experiencing an education-job …

The Changing Impacts of Internal Migration on Residential Socio-Economic Segregation in the Greater Santiago

This paper aims to determine and assess the impacts of internal migration on residential educational segregation in the Greater …

Measuring the Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution in Europe

This paper compares the impact of internal migration on patterns of human settlement across 30 European countries.

The CHilean Internal Migration (CHIM) database. Temporally consistent spatial data for the analysis of human mobility

This paper presents the Chilean Internal Migration database which provides a temporally consistent framework for the analysis of …

Functional Labor Market Areas for Chile

This article describes a data source of a set of recently created labor market areas for Chile.

Comparing internal migration across the countries of Latin America. A multidimensional approach

We use recently developed measures of internal migration that are scale-independent to compare the overall intensity, age composition, …

The returns to migration and human capital accumulation pathways. non-metropolitan youth in the school-to-work transition

This paper examines the influence of migration and school-to-work pathways on entry-level wages for non-metropolitan youth in …

Special issue on youth and graduate migration

The aim of this special issue is to address key gaps in the literature of youth and graduate migration.

The Impacts of Policy Change on Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The Implementation of the 485 Graduate Visa Scheme

This paper investigates the human capital implications of a policy change resulting from the introduction of the 485 graduate visa in …

Spatial Mobility Patterns of Overseas Graduates in Australia

This chapter explores the spatial patterns of overseas graduates in Australia between six and eighteen months after graduation.

Evaluating the effects of Australian policy changes on human capital. The role of a graduate visa scheme

This paper explores the impacts of one of these policy shifts in focusing on the introduction of a graduate visa scheme.

Differences in attitudes towards immigration between Australia and Germany. The role of immigration policy

This paper investigates the connection between national immigration policy and a society’s attitudes towards immigration.

Changing post-school pathways and outcomes. Melbourne and regional students

This report examines the changes in pathways, transitions and choices of three cohorts of young Victorians.

Attraction and Retention. Education and labour force pathways of metropolitan and regional school leavers in Victoria

This report examines the changes in migration patterns of young people during the school-to-work transition.

Determinants of post-school choices of young people. The workforce, university or vocational studies?

This report seeks to identify the factors that influence the postschool choices to (1) work; (2) enter university or, (3) undertake …

Where are the overseas graduates staying on? Overseas graduate migration and rural attachment in Australia

This paper investigates the spatial choices of overseas graduates from Australian Higher Education Institutions for employment after …

Labour market outcomes and educational and occupational pathways of young movers starting off in regional Victoria

This report examines the role of spatial mobility in shaping the educational and occupational pathways of young people during the …

Labour market outcomes and main educational and occupational pathways of young Victorians

This report identifies the key educational and occupational pathways of young people during the transition from school to work.

Patterns and sequences of mobility

This report seeks to examine the migration patterns of young adults in Victoria, Australia.

Analytical approach and data issues

This report identifies the key data challenges to study the educational and occupational trajectories of young people in Australia and …

Mobility Patterns of Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The role of a ‘new’ graduate visa scheme and rural development policy

This paper investigates the spatial dynamics of overseas human capital in Australia and their relation to the new visa scheme in …

The geography and determinants of regional human capital in eight Latin American and Caribbean countries

This paper investigates the evolution of the national stock and spatial distribution of human capital and explores the factors that …

The forecast accuracy of local government area population projections. A case study of Queensland

This paper assesses the forecast accuracy of seven previous rounds of local government area population projections for Queensland.