Attraction and Retention. Education and labour force pathways of metropolitan and regional school leavers in Victoria


Despite the trend of regional youth out-migration being a long-standing one, we know relatively little about the potential role of return migration. The question therefore remains is the regional net gain in older age groups due to young adults returning ‘home’ from Melbourne or is it due to metropolitan residents deciding to leave the large city for a smaller centre or rural lifestyle? This research has used a combination of longitudinal and survey-based data sources to gain insights into migration pathways and potential return migration. The findings from this research are important for policy makers who deal with population and attraction strategies, either at local or state government level. These decisions makers form the audience for this report.

Australian Research Council. Report for Forward Policy and Research Branch, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Melbourne, Victoria
Francisco Rowe
Francisco Rowe
Professor of Population Data Science

My research interests include human mobility and migration; economic geography and spatial inequality; geographic data science.