Deriving Spatiotemporal Geographies of Human Mobility from GPS traces

This paper leverages on the opportunities presented by individual level GPS data to study human mobility.

Internal Migration Intensity and Impact in Europe

This article is included in the 2020 European Demographic Data Sheet which for the first time includes an overview of the intensity and impacts of internal migration across Europe.

A Scalable Analytical Framework for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Neighborhood Change A Sequence Analysis Approach

This paper uses gridded cell Census data for Great Britain from 1971 to 2011 with 10-year intervals, creating neighborhood typologies for each Census year.

The Changing Impacts of Internal Migration on Residential Socio-Economic Segregation in the Greater Santiago

This paper aims to determine and assess the impacts of internal migration on residential educational segregation in the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Area.

Measuring the Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution in Europe

This paper compares the impact of internal migration on patterns of human settlement across 30 European countries.