Understanding the Trajectories of Population Decline Across Rural and Urban Europe. A Sequence Analysis

This study seeks to address these gapsthrough the novel application of sequence and cluster analysis techniques to examine variations in population decline trajectories since 2000 in 696 sub-national areas across 33 European territories.

Mapping The Spatial Patterns of Internal Migration in Europe

We created a flow map of internal migration flows within 38 European countries using the most recent data available.

Internal Migration Intensity and Impact in Europe

This article is included in the 2020 European Demographic Data Sheet which for the first time includes an overview of the intensity and impacts of internal migration across Europe.

Mapping The Impact of Internal Migration Across Europe

Net Internal Migration Rate Across Europe At the end of last year, we published a paper assessing the impact of internal migration on redistributing population within European countries. Specifically we assessed the impact of internal migration on promoting population concentration or deconcentration.

Impact of internal migration on population redistribution in Europe Urbanisation, counterurbanisation or spatial equilibrium?

We advance beyond Ravenstein’s understanding by examining the direction of population redistribution and comparing the impact of internal migration on patterns of human settlement in 27 European countries.

Understanding and Predicting the Long-term Labour Market and Migration Trajectories of Immigrants and Their Children in the United Kingdom

This project aims to investigate how the educational and employment trajectories of immigrants and their children in the UK evolve and interact; and, how factors related to their residential environment, early life context and critical life transitions shape these trajectories between 1991-2017.

Establishing the extent and pace of the contemporary trend of migration decline in Europe

This article presents some of the key findings of a Regional Studies Association funded project on internal migration in Europe (“Understanding the declining trend in internal migration in Europe”).

Measuring the Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution in Europe

This paper compares the impact of internal migration on patterns of human settlement across 30 European countries.

Understanding the declining trend in internal migration in Europe

The project aims to establish the start and pace of the migration decline in 18 European countries.