Graduate Migration

The changing composition and fortunes of overseas graduates in Australia. The case of Chinese and Indian graduates

This paper explores the composition and labour market outcomes of overseas graduates who remained in Australia after graduation with a particular focus on the two largest source countries, China and India.

The role of migration on education-job mismatch. Evidence from overseas graduates in Australia

This chapter examines the role of internal migration in lowering the likelihood of overseas graduates experiencing an education-job mismatch.

Special issue on youth and graduate migration

The aim of this special issue is to address key gaps in the literature of youth and graduate migration.

The returns to migration and human capital accumulation pathways. non-metropolitan youth in the school-to-work transition

This paper examines the influence of migration and school-to-work pathways on entry-level wages for non-metropolitan youth in Australia.

The Impacts of Policy Change on Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The Implementation of the 485 Graduate Visa Scheme

This paper investigates the human capital implications of a policy change resulting from the introduction of the 485 graduate visa in Australia in 2007.

Spatial Mobility Patterns of Overseas Graduates in Australia

This chapter explores the spatial patterns of overseas graduates in Australia between six and eighteen months after graduation.

Evaluating the effects of Australian policy changes on human capital. The role of a graduate visa scheme

This paper explores the impacts of one of these policy shifts in focusing on the introduction of a graduate visa scheme.