Human mobility

Virtual special issue - Internal migration in times of COVID-19

We aim to consolidate our knowledge of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on internal migration, discuss key lessons we have learnt so far, and identify areas for future enquiry

Urban Exodus? Understanding Human Mobility in Britain During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Facebook Data

We aim to analyse the extent and evolution of changes in the spatial patterns of population movement across the rural-urban continuum in Britain over an 18-month period from March, 2020 to August, 2021.

Using digital footprint data to monitor human mobility and support rapid humanitarian responses

I use digital footprint data from Meta Facebook to identify the patterns of population displacement in Pakistan in near-real time.

Data Innovation in Demography, Migration and Human Mobility

Back in February, the European Commission Joint Research Centre published a report on data innovation applications in demography, migration and human mobility. This report is a very welcome contribution summarising all the relevant case applications in the field of migration and human mobility.

Deriving Spatiotemporal Geographies of Human Mobility from GPS traces

This paper leverages on the opportunities presented by individual level GPS data to study human mobility.