Labour Market Areas

How Do Local Labor Markets Looks From Above? An Automated Satellite Imagery Approach

Administrative areas do not accurately reflect the contemporary spatial manifestation of labour market linkages. Local labour market areas (LLMAs) have been shown to provide a better representation of geographic labour market activity. Traditionally LLMAs are delineated based on commuting flow data. However, commuting data are expensive to collect, are sporadically collected in developed countries and rarely available in less developed countries. Yet, recent advances in computing capacity and increased availability of satellite imagery offers a unique opportunity to generate LLMAs in poor environment context in a cheap, frequent and automated way. This papers aims to develop an automated satellite-based approach to define LLMAs.

Functional Labor Market Areas for Chile

This article describes a data source of a set of recently created labor market areas for Chile.

The CHilean Internal Migration (CHIM) database. Temporally consistent spatial data for the analysis of human mobility

This paper presents the Chilean Internal Migration database which provides a temporally consistent framework for the analysis of internal migration over a period covering twenty-five years from 1977 to 2002.

An evolutionary approach to the delimitation of labour market areas. An empirical application for Chile

This article develops LMAs for Chile by applying an evolutionary computation approach.