Migration Impact

International migration and development. The changing impact of migration on redistributing global population

We explore the impact of international migration on global population distribution since the 1990s

Tracking the Transit Divide. A Multilevel Modelling Approach of Urban Inequalities and Train Ridership Disparities in Chicago population

We investigate the impact of urban inequalities on changes to rail ridership across Chicago's "L" stations during the pandemic, the mass vaccination rollout, and the full reopening of the city

Internal Migration Intensity and Impact in Europe

This article is included in the 2020 European Demographic Data Sheet which for the first time includes an overview of the intensity and impacts of internal migration across Europe.

The Changing Impacts of Internal Migration on Residential Socio-Economic Segregation in the Greater Santiago

This paper aims to determine and assess the impacts of internal migration on residential educational segregation in the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Area.