A ‘donut effect’? Assessing housing transactions during COVID-19 across the Spanish urban–rural hierarchy

We assess if a 'donut effect' has occurred in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding Population Decline Trajectories in Spain using Sequence Analysis

we aim to identify and characterize the different trajectories of depopulation in Spain from 2000 to 2020 at the small area level using sequence analysis, spatial autocorrelation analysis, decomposition techniques, and multinomial logistic modeling.

Visualizing internal and international migration in the Spanish provinces during the COVID-19 pandemic

we analyse the impact of COVID-19 on internal and international migration across the 50 Spanish provinces (NUTS-3 regions).

Understanding Patterns of Internal Migration During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spain

We aim to analyse the extent of change in the patterns of internal migration across the urban hierarchy in Spain during 2020

Changes of residence in times of COVID-19. A small respite from rural depopulation

This briefs analyses internal migration between cities, suburbs, and rural areas in 2020, compared to migration patterns during the four years preceding the pandemic.