Mapping The Impact of Internal Migration Across Europe

Net Internal Migration Rate Across Europe At the end of last year, we published a paper assessing the impact of internal migration on redistributing population within European countries. Specifically we assessed the impact of internal migration on promoting population concentration or deconcentration. Below is a thread I posted on Twitter summarising key aspects of the paper. The paper is open access - see reference at the end of this post.

Introducing the R Package CIM

R Markdown This post introduces our recently published R package, CIM, to measure the impacts of migration on local population structures. We developed the methodology in this paper in 2018. This paper is one of the top ten most viewed articles in Population Studies Installing install.packages("CIM") library(CIM) This package enables quantifying the impact of internal migration on age, gender, educational population structures and inequality. Example Here I provide a short example of how this can be used to measure the impact of internal migration on residential age segregation in the Greater London Metropolitan Area, England, drawing on one-year migration data by age bands (i.

Understanding and Predicting the Long-term Labour Market and Migration Trajectories of Immigrants and Their Children in the United Kingdom

This project aims to investigate how the educational and employment trajectories of immigrants and their children in the UK evolve and interact; and, how factors related to their residential environment, early life context and critical life transitions shape these trajectories between 1991-2017.

Migration, Cities & Big Data

This presentation summarises collaborative work on internal migration in Latin American cities. It also proposes ways how twitter data and machine learning can be used to measure internal migration and an approach to measure the relative importance …

Using large scale social media data to measure perceptions towards immigration

This project aims to develop analytical methods to analyse perceptions towards immigration using twitter data and machine learning.

Estimating Global Bilateral Migration Flows

This project aims to generate annual country-to-country migration estimates across the world.

Special issue on youth and graduate migration

The aim of this special issue is to address key gaps in the literature of youth and graduate migration.

The returns to migration and human capital accumulation pathways. non-metropolitan youth in the school-to-work transition

This paper examines the influence of migration and school-to-work pathways on entry-level wages for non-metropolitan youth in Australia.

Where are the overseas graduates staying on? Overseas graduate migration and rural attachment in Australia

This paper investigates the spatial choices of overseas graduates from Australian Higher Education Institutions for employment after graduation.

Mobility Patterns of Overseas Human Capital in Australia. The role of a ‘new’ graduate visa scheme and rural development policy

This paper investigates the spatial dynamics of overseas human capital in Australia and their relation to the new visa scheme in combination with shifts in rural development policies.